Hello Scouts, leaders, parents, and supporters of East Surrey District Scouts! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newly redesigned website, marking the first major update since 2016. Our fresh, modern platform is now the central hub for all Scouting activities, news, and resources in East Surrey.

What’s New?

1. Modern Design & User-Friendly Navigation Our site now features a sleek design with an intuitive interface, making it easier than ever to find the information you need. Whether you’re a Scout, parent, or leader, you can quickly access events, news, and resources.

2. Regular News & Updates Stay informed with the latest happenings in East Surrey District Scouts. Our homepage will be regularly updated with news about upcoming events, recent achievements, and important announcements.

3. Comprehensive Event Calendar Plan your Scouting adventures effortlessly with our new event calendar. It provides a complete overview of all district events, meetings, and activities. Sync it with your personal calendar to ensure you never miss out on any excitement.

4. Resource Hub Our Resource Hub is a treasure trove of valuable information, including activity ideas, safety guidelines, training materials, and policy documents. This section is designed to support leaders, parents, and Scouts alike.

5. Enhanced Communication Connect with district leaders, find contact information for specific groups, and stay engaged through our integrated social media links.

Join the Adventure!

Explore our new website and immerse yourself in the vibrant Scouting community of East Surrey. Engage with our content, share your stories, and get involved in the numerous activities and opportunities we offer. Together, we can continue to inspire and empower young people through fun, adventure, and learning.

Thank you for being part of the East Surrey District Scouts family. Here’s to many more exciting adventures ahead!

Yours in Scouting, The East Surrey District Scouts Team