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Our Sections – What we offer

We Scout – come join the adventure!

Welcome to East Surrey Scouts! Our district offers a vibrant and engaging scouting experience for young people aged 4 to 25. Each section is designed to cater to the different age groups and developmental stages, providing a progressive program of activities, adventure, and learning. Here’s a brief overview of what each section offers:

Squirrels (Ages 4-5)

The Squirrels program is perfect for our youngest members, focusing on fun and friendship. Through a variety of activities, Squirrels develop essential social skills and a love for adventure in a safe and nurturing environment. Activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Storytelling and imaginative play
  • Simple outdoor adventures

Beavers (Ages 6-8)

Beavers is all about discovering the world around us through exploration and teamwork. Beavers enjoy a wide range of activities that help them learn new skills and make new friends. Activities include:

  • Nature walks and environmental projects
  • Games and team-building exercises
  • Basic first aid and safety skills

Cubs (Ages 8-10½)

Cubs get the chance to try lots of different activities and earn badges for their achievements. This section encourages curiosity and independence, with a focus on adventure and outdoor skills. Activities include:

  • Camping and hiking
  • Learning knots and basic survival skills
  • Community service projects

Scouts (Ages 10½-14)

Scouts are given more independence to plan and participate in a variety of challenging and exciting activities. This section emphasizes leadership, resilience, and personal growth. Activities include:

  • Advanced camping and expeditions
  • Leadership training and patrol responsibilities
  • Community service and international scouting events

Explorers (Ages 14-18)

Explorers enjoy a high level of autonomy, taking on more significant challenges and responsibilities. This section is designed to develop young leaders and prepare them for adulthood. Activities include:

  • Expedition planning and execution
  • Outdoor and adventure sports
  • Volunteering and leadership roles within the community

Network (Ages 18-25)

Network members continue their scouting journey with a focus on personal development, community involvement, and adventure. This section provides opportunities for young adults to stay connected with scouting while balancing education or career commitments. Activities include:

  • International trips and jamborees
  • Project management and event organization
  • Mentoring younger scouts and taking on leadership roles